Frequently Asked Questions

Ask And You Shall Receive: Answers to your most frequently asked questions

How do I know if I can use my card surcharge-free at MoneyPass ATMs?

Your card issuing institution must participate in the MoneyPass ATM Network for you to have surcharge-free access. If they do participate, you may see the MoneyPass logo on your card. If not, contact your issuing institution to find out if your card can be used surcharge-free at MoneyPass ATMs.

Are there MoneyPass ATMs located outside of the United States?

At this time, MoneyPass surcharge-free ATMs can be found only within the United States. As the MoneyPass network grows, we plan to add international locations in the future. For now, contact your financial institution for more information about withdrawing cash internationally.

I was charged a fee at an ATM that I believed to be a surcharge-free MoneyPass ATM. What can I do?

If you are a MoneyPass cardholder and you were charged a fee at a MoneyPass ATM, please contact your card issuing institution to work with you to refund the fee. To help expedite the process, it is helpful to have the exact address, date, and time of the ATM transaction – this should all be on the ATM receipt.

How can I install the MoneyPass Locator app for iPhone or iTouch?

Click the link on the home page or visit the Apple App store and search for MoneyPass. There you can install the application to your iPhone or iTouch at no charge.

How do I use my card to withdraw cash? What is my PIN number? Can I make a deposit? What is my account number?

Questions about how to use your card or your account can be directed to the organization that issued the card, such as your bank or credit union. There may be an 800 number on the back of your card to help you reach the customer service. Because all cards are different, we cannot answer questions about your specific card's uses. Please contact your bank, credit union or other issuing organization for more information about your account or how to use your card.